An ethical brand that loves to portray strong beautiful individual in their own skins and we believe everyone is special.


We strongly trust in conscious / ethical fashion therefore Batik is our main ingredient but since Batik seems to be forgotten our effort in R.Y.O is to bring out this tradition back and making those wearing them feel proud as well to remember our roots and origin, regardless how advanced we are today.

Thus we combine the latest design with special patterns an prints of Batik for all sizes and gender.

"To reminisce the nostalgia with modern flavours"




   As an ethical brand, we produced our product locally and also Promoting Local Culture by using traditional fabrics and local artwork designs.

All of our collections produced in small quantity using special hand-picked fabrics that can only be found in Langkawi Island.

Our pieces are made ethically by hand in limited quantities by local tailors. The imperfect, artisan aesthetic coupled with traditional fabrics and a hand made approach that creates a unique feel and energy to each truly limited edition piece.